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Arvin K. Davis Jr. is known for  his use of bright colors, strong brush strokes, detailed line work, and paint and ink splatters; it’s a controlled chaos, possibly overwhelming.

​        Past European masters, impressionism and expressionism movements, surrealism, dada movement, abstracts, hyperrealism, imaginative realism, the list may never stop, it’s all inspiring. But  collaborating with his kids, intentionally, for the first time truly opened his mind to possibilities. He learned how it felt to enjoy the process, although that enjoyment took some time.

        He enjoys working in mixed media, predominantly: watercolors, inks, fluid and acrylic.  At the start, he uses purposeful mistakes collaborating with his children, at times. That initial purposeful mistake, allows him to further explore his thoughts, while taking away enough of that initial fear of beginning, or ruining the empty space. Enjoying the energy of the abstract and the technical skill of realism, it is a combined effort to produce works of ranged subjects: social commentary, fears, strengths, or just absurdity. Honing the idea, manipulating it until  satisfied. Nothing like palms and fingertips covered in pigment, no pair of pants free of marks.

        A self taught artist, Arvin has created everything from concert flyers for touring acts, event posters, album artwork to traditional animation, he is a diverse illustrator. “Why limit yourself? The more eclectic, more enjoyment."

         As a sufferer of cPTSD, the art allows for him to make tangible the emotions, traumas, self-created pressure over something as irrelevant as being late. Artistic expression  allows him to comfortably, and in safety, explore. The uncontrolled seems so peaceful when a fear of losing control or making a mistake is ever present; an attempt to calm a rogue wave.


Exhibitions  of work

62 Doors Gallery and Studios - various exhibitions -2017 to present

Dacia Gallery - New York City, Manhattan New York - August 2018
group exhibition  "Painting Dreams" with ArtRevolution

Taube Museum of Art - Minot, North Dakota - January 2021 - 1st Solo exhibition "Mayday!!!"



T. 701 - 720 - 8690  |  arvin.jrjr@gmail.com

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